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How to Distinguish Different Types of Football Bets, Essential Knowledge for Bettors

On the path to becoming a savvy bettor, we must understand how to distinguish different types of bets. Knowing them thoroughly will provide more options for placing bets and making profits. Let's explore with the quality soccer tips bookmaker.

How to distinguish different types of bets

In fact, in a football match, there will be as many types of bets as there are statistics. From the outcome of the match, the total number of goals scored by both teams, to yellow cards, corner kicks, and even the first throw-in, bookmakers offer a variety of options for players to predict.

Differentiate types of bets based on basic odds

The first thing every bettor sees when accessing a sports betting website is the basic football odds table, such as the one provided by Wintips.

Here, three types of bets are presented:

Handicap Betting (Asian Handicap):

  • In Handicap betting, the bookmaker analyzes and selects the favored and the underdog team, then provides odds. After the betting period ends, the goals scored by the underdog team are added to the given odds, and the total is compared with the opponent's to determine the winner.

Over/Under (O/U):

  • This type of bet is based on the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the betting period. The bookmaker sets odds, allowing bettors to predict whether the total number of goals scored will be higher or lower.

1X2 Betting (European Handicap):

  • In this format, bettors have only two possible outcomes – either football tips win (profit) or lose (lose the entire bet).

Specifically, bettors have three choices:

  • 1: Betting on the home team to win.

  • X: Predicting a draw between the two teams.

  • 2: Trusting that the away team will emerge victorious.

In the case of matches played on neutral ground, the team listed first by the bookmaker replaces the home team.

Differentiate types of bets based on side bets

In addition to the above-mentioned forms of betting, all other ways to wager on different statistics are considered as side bets.


  • Corner Betting: The betting options for this statistic are similar to the basic odds table, meaning there are Handicap bets, Over/Under bets, and 1X2 bets.

  • Card Betting: Similar to corner bets.

  • Correct Score: All possible scores are offered for bettors to choose from, and correct time to win prediction result in winnings, while incorrect ones lead to losses.

  • Odd/Even: Predicting whether the total number of goals scored by both teams is odd or even.

  • Double Chance: This is a straightforward betting option where bettors have two choices within the 1X2 odds. For example, choosing 1 and X to win, 1 and 2 to win, or X and 2 to win.

  • Both Teams to Score: As the name suggests, bettors have two options – Yes or No.

  • Draw No Bet: Betting on only one of the two possible outcomes for the home team. If the match ends in a draw, the bet amount is refunded.

  • Ball Possession Betting: Wagering on which team will have the first touch of the ball in the match.

Additionally, there are many other interesting forms of betting, such as betting on the first player to receive a card, throw-ins, and predicting the exact player to score a goal.

Differentiate types of bets based on time intervals

The final way that bettors use to differentiate between types of betting is based on time intervals.

Specifically, there are three types:

Full Match Betting:

  • Betting on the overall outcome of the entire match. The specified time for these bets is calculated based on the total minutes played on the field.

First Half Betting:

  • Stats such as corner kicks, the outcome of the match (win or lose), yellow cards, etc., are counted only from the moment the referee starts the match until the teams go into the halftime break.

Live Betting:

  • This type of betting is based on real-time developments on the field. Specifically, whenever an event occurs (such as a major foul or a goal), live betting options become available for bettors to place their bets.

Where to participate in reliable betting for various types of bets?

A significant concern for bettors is that, after mastering the theory of differentiating between types of bets, the experience of placing bets requires finding a reputable bookmaker. Only when you arrive at the right place can you have a perfect betting experience.

If you're still uncertain, Wintips can be an excellent choice, even bordering on exceptional.

The credibility of Wintips comes from having a clear address (based in Malta) and being licensed by GC-Gaming Curacao, as well as other reputable gambling organizations. Wintips is an official partner of major football clubs such as Huddersfield Town, Burnley, and Crystal Palace.

In the Wintips Sportsbook, bettors can easily place bets on a wide range of odds. The odds are updated very early, providing players with more time for analysis and calculation. Information security is a top priority for Wintips, and they use state-of-the-art specialized software to ensure that your personal details, account numbers, deposit transactions, and more are never disclosed to third parties (including the government).

The transparency and reliability provided by the bookmaker are noteworthy. Winning bets can be easily withdrawn, and Wintips takes pride in its fair play. Of course, dishonest practices are strongly discouraged.

In summary, distinguishing between types of bets requires thorough understanding. Delving deeper into each type and quickly registering with Wintips will undoubtedly lead to a betting experience that meets your expectations. Read more: football bets 1x2 Tips – Offering insights from more than 100 top websites worldwide


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